Paul Watkiss Associates is an independent research consultancy specialising in climate change, environmental and economic policy advice.  

We work through a network of associates to give access to expertise on a wide range of policy issues.

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Recent Projects & Publications 

  • Economics of Climate Change, Adaptation & Decision Support in Europe

  • Economics of Climate Change & Adaptation in LDCs

  • Social Costs of Carbon & Air Quality Externalities

  • Academic publications

People & Expertise

Paul Watkiss is an independent researcher with 20 years' experience of multi-disciplinary research in climate change & adaptation policy, as well as a Senior Visiting Research Associate at the ECI, University of Oxford.  

Paul Watkiss Associates works with a network of part time staff & associates to provide expertise on a wide range of policy issues, each of which is a recognised expert in the field with a focus on the impacts & economic costs of climate change and the costs & benefits of adaptation. 







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