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About Us

... friendly and professional photographers who love what they do...


A message from Nick

"I love trying to take images that capture a special moment and I have been so lucky with some of the places I have been and things that I have been able to photograph.  It is always a particular honour to be invited into people's lives to witness and record an important occasion and I always try to do this in a friendly and approachable way.

My photography experience was built up during travels around Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Borneo, Morocco and Jordan.  I now have a wife and two children and so spend much of my time chasing them around with a camera - sometimes to their annoyance.

I love living in Chepstow - a friendly and picturesque town surrounded by fantastic countryside.

I have worked with Walt for a number of years and he is always a great person to work with and to go to for advice.  His experience and expertise is second to none.

Do get in touch if you would like to chat about us helping you with a portrait or important event."


A message from Walt

"Originally from Canada, I now love living in the south-west - one of the most beautiful parts of the country.  Photography has taken me around the world and I have met and photographed so many wonderful people.

I am motivated to show the essence of whatever the subject matter and with over 30 years' experience you can trust me to capture a great image as I pride myself on my attention to detail. 

It is very satisfying that my work has received a range of award and accolades over the years and I have had exhibitions at venues such as the Colston Hall in Bristol.  Clients have been kind enough to described me as highly professional and I will always aim to work with you in a friendly and positive manner.

I very much enjoy working with Nick who has a great style to his photographs and you will be in capable hands whether it is me, Nick or both of us involved in the important moments you would like us to capture.

Get in touch to find out more as we would love to hear from you and get the chance to share the moment."





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Images of Chepstow

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